Writing about What to Write

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Writing about What to Write

Then there comes common things of life-

Some personal, some general

Animate and inanimate

Writing about the people you know-

Your friends and foes

Places –visited and to-be-visited –

Means all kinds of Nouns –

Feelings and smells, likes and dislikes, habits and hobbies

Perceptions of various kinds…

I do have some particular things in mind

To write on, to spoil the ink on

One of them is the big Peepal tree in my school

Under which I often sit and read my book and teach the kids too

That’s something I’m very proud to love and admire

And I talk about it with my friends and girlfriends

The second is my bike about which

I have a feeling that it’s getting older day by day

And it demands more nourishment, better maintenance and higher expenses each time

Ideas of getting rid of it do strike me

But I don’t know why I haven’t yet sold it away

Do people get attached to machines?

That’s absolutely a good topic to write on.

I also have a feeling about the old couple selling fritters in my lane

I just watch them –hardly went and bought any item

Being apprehensive about the low quality edible oil they use

But the interesting thing is how devotedly they arrive and leave at time

And do their business like some corporate employees

I think it would be interesting to trace out their history,

To write their story,

But I fear their friendship will lead me to some gastronomical irregularities.

I know a neighborhood uncle who is suffering from a kind of neurosis. He’s in his late 60s.

One can find him anytime, in his khaki half pants, walking down the road

Another symptom, besides the khaki half pants, of his neurosis is his insufferable garrulity

People fear of getting caught in his clutches

And to listen then what he has to say

He spares no one. He can talk to a five years kid about politics.

He can talk to an adolescent about spirituality, even to a local leader –about honesty.

He is unwonted to oblivion. Omniscient! An interloper in people’s mind.

Every time I see him, I try to dodge slyly, but

He does catch me often and when out of respect I go near to him

He tells me what his younger daughter-in-law had cooked in lunch

And why he had to skip it because of being scathing.

And thus we proceed towards discussing cuisines

And just when I say, I like Chinese

That’s the one thing I don’t like about you, says he.

~ Ravi

P.S. The photo has been borrowed from the internet owing full credit to the original owner/creator.

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