The Star: A Poem on Loneliness

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She was the star of the day

People thought of her only

She always wanted attention

And she was never lonely.

But when her eyes got closed,

She could cherish this moment forever.

As all heads turned her way

In her funeral procession, with the bier


The seven thousand followers from Facebook were not there.

Nor were the five thousand followers from Instagram present.

~ Maliha Iqbal


Note- The poem talks about the inner loneliness people face while they have thousand of friends and followers on social media. It’s also noted remarkably in many surveys that people who are more active on  social media, feel great loneliness in real life.

* The photo above is borrowed from the internet owing full credit to the original creator/owner.


Author’s Bio – Maliha Iqbal lives in Aligarh, India, and likes to write stories, personal essays and poems that reflect the sensibilities of everyday life. She is also a keen observer of human relationships. Many of her short stories, write-ups and poems have been published in magazines like Livewire, Creativity Webzine, Countercurrents, Freedom Review and Indian Periodical.

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