Terrible Dreams

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I dream every night–
Lovely dreams, ugly dreams,
And sometimes, terrible dreams.
One night (Of course, while being asleep)
I dreamt of a demon flying over a garden
With a mike in one hand, and,
The other held a memorandum.
He had a calm gaze, however,
And his lips played a gentle smile;
His eyes were blazing embers
And he spewed infernos
Whenever he opened his cavelike mouth–
Something like an Ifrit in the Arbian Nights.
In a minute, or which seemed like a minute
(I cannot tell you exactly, as I was in the dream)
He burnt down the whole garden,
Then flapped his giant wings and came down
And proclaimed the memorandum to the creatures–
Birds, animals, insects, flowers, leaves, buds, and twigs– left out from the flaming debris–
It’s only after burning down, the true fragrance emits;
From now on, you all are self-dependent;
It’s only after we’ve lost everything, we can do anything.
My dear garden-dwellers, it’s an opportunity
To achieve true freedom and true spirituality;
My esteemed friend and the redeemer of this land
Will build a grand complex and you all will be given
A room to live in and dance and sing, isn’t it amazing?
Right then, in no time, out of nowhere, appeared a piggish caricature,
Somewhat like a Zhu Bajie in Journey to the West
Snouty, mouthy, lusty, nutsy, and pantagruelian in shape;
He snorted and dorted and exhorted the folks standing in gape–
Historical it was; historical it will be, indeed–
The burning of the garden and making of the complex in its stead;
Be happy ye all! We’re amidst the making of History, and,
Let’s not mourn over that that couldn’t resist the flame,
But rejoice on that which will stand against the storm and rain.
I don’t know why or how I woke up at this moment
And found everything around as safe and sound and same!
*Ifrit – Ifrit or Jinn is a class of powerful malevolent supernatural beings in Islamic Mythology and Folklore. In the Arbian Nights, there are many stories in which an Ifrit is a prominent character. They are often associated with earth and smoke, but an Ifrit can fly and spew flames also.
*The Arabian Nights – The Arabian Nights aka One Thousand and One Nights aka Alf Laylah wa-Laylah is a collection of Middle Eastern tales compiled in Arabic during Islamic Golden Age. Sir Richard F. Burton has done the best English translation of these tales.
*Zhu Bajie –Zhu Bajie aka Zhu Wunegis is one of the three helpers of Tang Sanzang aka Xuanzang and a major character of the 16th century novel, Journey to the West. He looks like a terrible monster –part human, part pig.
*Journey to the West– Journey to the West is a classical Chinese novel published in 16th century during the Ming Dynasty in China.


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