It is evident from the name Histolit that we are interested in History and Literature mainly. Besides, you can send us Book Reviews, Travelogue with your own pics and any article on your day-to-day experiences.

History- History is not just the chronological details of dynasties and wars, it encapsulates all the social and humane aspects of mankind. If you have something interesting that is less talked or unheard, we encourage you to send us that. If you are interested in retelling of any historical events, write that in any beautiful form i.e. poetry, drama, or story and send us. We are simply not interested in research papers. Your work must be original and unpublished. There is no strict word limit, but it would be good if it is under 4000 words.

Poetry- Poetry is not just fragmenting a simple sentence. We would like encourage you to send us lyrical poems. It doesn’t need to be rhymed, but rhymed poems are welcomed also. Your poem must have musical thoughts and strong imagery. There is no strict word limit.

Book Reviews– We welcome the book-reviews which are published in the current year or in the last year. Send all the information i.e. publisher, publication date, book cover, author’s name, isbn etc about the book along with your review.

Story- We want realistic characters. Your story must resemble the day-to-day struggles and problems of a common man. We are simply not interested in mythological, college romance or science fictions. We encourage you to write longer stories, up to 6000-7000 words.

Travelogue- Write us about your experience at some place that you recently visited, either in India or in abroad. It needn’t to be only of famous places, you can write us about a place that is neglected or people usually don’t go there. Make it real and interesting.

Send your work in a single document of MS Word. Use a font that is legible and easy to read. Calibri or Times New Roman will be fine and you don’t need to double-space your document. You can send us in English as well as in Hindi. Add a small bio in 50 words and in third person in the email body. Write Submission and the Genre in the Subject line.

Submit at Don’t submit by the submittable, the webmail is under maintenance

Note- We are unable to pay any of our contributors right now but we intend to change this policy in future.