Lady In The Bus

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Oftentimes I like to see

That well-molded aesthete

Those innocent eyes n’ cheeks rosy

That enamoring mien n’ lips winy

Oh! What a smile she throws

Sitting in a comfortable pose

Her absence, for all, a shake

And her presence cures everyone’s ache

In charming colors she met usually

As rosy, pinky and in yellowish rarely

With her friends, she talks very

Says funny things and makes a merry

She always likes to be well-up-to-date

That makes her style worthy to imitate

In winters, she puts a mauve cap

And a woolen muffler in neck’s gap

She roams in my mind’s map

From her impact, I too, couldn’t escape

One day, being irresistible, I made an approach

Coy was as I and afraid of reproach

Somehow I asked, “Ma’am, what makes you so phenomenal?”

And replied she, “Nothing, but persons like you comical”


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