I Don’t Think I Have Ever Loved Someone

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I don’t think I have ever loved someone,

From the first girl with sparkling eyes to the last girl with intellectual highs.

Or, maybe, I did love, but I doubt

When the introspection travels with the speed of light

And perches upon the particular moment, particular time

When I felt love and the accessorial emotions of love,

And when I weigh that moment, that time

With the acquired experience of analytical conscience–

That I am now –refined and redefined,

I don’t think I have ever loved someone.

If love is madness, I have been mad;

If love is to be blind, I have also been that;

If love is making love, I have been there

If love is faking love, I swear I’ve experienced that

But if love is being one forgetting oneself

If love is just to love and to be loved

If love is nothing, but unconditional commitment

If love is everything, but nothing flippant,

I don’t think I have ever loved someone.

I wish I could, but I just couldn’t, neither now I can do.

I would surely have loved someone, if someone had loved me too.

~ Ravi


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