Formation of A Government

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Formation of a Government
Governments are formed
on hatred, jingoism, religion, caste, race, color, language;
on lies, conspiracies, fear, lobbying, propaganda;
on lynchings, riots, massacres, wars, holocausts;
on the corpses of soldiers and civilians alike.
Before or after…
Every good cause that you listen from a chest-thumping
or a sweet-tongued leader in campaigns
has been developed and shaped on innumerable sufferings, tears and pains.
Even, if everything is going good,
adversity, calamity, dissent, divide, and discontent are inseminated forcibly
and it’s a cycle if you consider history.
You think, it’s an ideology, some wing-left or right?
Believe me, they are just means,
all that matters in the end is Power and Authority.
The poem is a kind of rant on the formation of a government in any country or the governments which have already been formed in History, and it also depicts the processes through which the party (left or right, socialist or capitalist or of any political creed) has to go to achieve that end.
~ Ravi
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Note- The photo is taken from internet owing full credit to the owner and creator. Thanks.
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