Did You Miss Me? NO.

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Did You MIss Me? No.

You left…
I didn’t stop.
What was there so dear
for giving a thought?
As it was
just for the sake
of give and take.
You went, I didn’t repent,
neither I wanted you to worry…
you happy, me happy
nothing better than this could be.
What’s the logic now
to call after more than a year
and ask, ‘did you miss me?’
No, I didn’t
and even if I did.
Does it matter now?
Or does it make any change?
You know I have nothing to avenge.
Nothing to deplore on or to mourn.
I am just on my own.
You mustn’t worry about me-
Somewhere, sometimes even if I meet you
Rest assured, I won’t greet you.
I tell you, I don’t like to return
from where I have taken a turn.
Blame me for being an emotionless
but it wasn’t I who made it a mess…
~ Ravi
Note- What happens if the one whom you loved once very much, now estranged for more than a year, calls you suddenly one day and asks, ‘did you miss me?.’ What would be your possible reply? I replied. And I hope you’d like my reply. Thank you.
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