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All betrayed me

Thee, he, and also she

But what’s an enemy

Everyone agree

Of one’s health and destiny

Oh! That taste-winy

Of that glass

Gave me a lead to pass

From all the sorrow and misery


When I hadn’t the taste of it

I was unknown of its profit

Though bitter

Yet not less from sweets

Lucky you are

If you get such treats

Put off for a while your chagrined mind

Raise the tumbler and let yourself shined

Those were the words, said my friend

And I gulped down all whatever he arranged


A great secret then opened

Whatever thee intend to be

A King! A Lover! Or a Man of Philosophy

You can be

After swallowing pegs two or three

This is the true blessing

Of heavenly liquoring

I know the joy is like a dream

What’s good, if normalcy makes you scream


 *The poem was first published in an anthology “Rubaroo” by Evincepub Publication in 2019.

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