A Life Lived – A Poem

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A Life Lived by Arshika Verma

To the days which have caused misery and the nights which brought pain

I’ve always found myself on thresholds

Never belonging anywhere

Never feeling sane

From infancy to childhood, from adolescence to youth

I knew something was missing

And it was not that I was not aware of what it was

It was also not that I was vaguely aware about it

I acutely and precisely knew, all the time, what it was

And that was the problem…

They don’t say for nothing that ignorance is bliss

I have known it the hard way, that it is

But I realize now, that knowing the problem was not the problem

Not able to correct it, was

I tried hundred many things, I tried a hundred times

Nothing worked

This sorrow will live with me, as I’ve lived with it

Nothing suits me, they say, not even a pearl

Maybe someday society will forgive me

For it was not my fault that I was a dark skinned girl.

~ Arshika Verma

About Arshika – Arshika Varma is a 20 something Management student with a passion for history, literature, and journalism. She has written several research reports and worked as a freelancing copywriter. She is the winner of Sanskarshala essay writing Gold medal in U.P. in the Higher Sr. Sec Category. Aiming for a corporate career, she wishes to pursue journalism on the side.

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Note- The photo above has been borrowed from internet owing full credit to the original creator/owner.

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